Natalie Wood may been attacked before drowning to death

New York, Jan 15 (ANI): Late Hollywood actress Natalie Wood may have been assaulted before she drowned, a new review suggests.

Bruises on the three-time Oscar nominee's wrists, knees and ankles could have been sustained prior to her "entry into the water," according to a Los Angeles Coroner's Office report obtained by the New York Daily News.

"A few day old bruises were on the back of [her] right thigh and knee but there were fresh bruises and scratches to the right posterior leg," the report states.

The review, released Monday, calls into question much of the original coroner's report, which overlooked the bruising and ruled that Wood died from accidental drowning.

But the new review does not label her death a homicide.

"Since there are unanswered questions and limited additional evidence available for evaluation, it is opined by this Medical Examiner that the manner of death should be left as undetermined," Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran wrote in the report.

Wood died on November 29, 1981, after a night on a yacht with her husband, actor Robert Wagner and friend Christopher Walken.

Wagner told authorities at the time that Wood fell into the water, possibly attempting to secure a dinghy that had been slamming into the side of the 60-foot-long boat.

Her body was recovered hours later floating in the waters near Catalina Island, California. (ANI)