No cooking for Saif's Begum

The Begum reveals what comes in her way of becoming an ideal bahu. Here's more

Kareena may have tied the knot with Nawab Saif Ali Khan but that doesn’t mean she needs to fulfill all the household duties. This Begum certainly rules her Nawab’s heart but what is it that comes in the way of becoming an ideal bahu?
At a recent event, the gorgeous Diva revealed to ZoOm that she enjoys managing Saif’s diet but doesn’t cook for him. The couple usually prefers eating simple and light food cooked at home like bhindi and lauki. Infact, these two vegetables are cooked on a daily basis for the couple. When asked if she would try her hand at cooking with the cook was on leave, Kareena was prompt in her response stating that they would dine out that night.
Being a fan of vegetarian food, Kareena would much rather opt for a vegetarian version of a Sheekh kabab while her life partner gorges on his favourite Lucknowi Nawabi cuisine. Well Kareena has certainly found a way to her man’s heart and it doesn’t seem to go through his stomach.