Poonam's Bollywood debut is a hoax

Poonam PandeyAfter threatening to strip if India won the World Cup and disappearing when the actual moment arrived, Poonam Pandey has done it again by delivering yet another hoax. Last week, she was trending all over the internet, thanks to a press release sent by her publicist. It read that Amit Saxena of Jism fame was miffed with the Bhatts; he was going his own way and making a film with Poonam Pandey in the lead. Two days ago, Amit Saxena clarified that he was not doing any project with Poonam Pandey.

“This is appalling. Someone has jumped the gun on me. I had a couple of informal meetings with the team. I’ve not confirmed anything, so I didn’t want to comment,” said the director to a daily. However, what has gotten Saxena’s goat is how the press release insinuated a rift between the Bhatts and him. “This is rubbish and in very poor taste. The Bhatts are like my family. In fact, Mahesh is my mentor and Pooja (Bhatt) was and will always remain a dear friend,” Saxena reiterated.

Video: ANI

When she announced her ‘debut’ Poonam Pandey claimed, “I’ve rejected 30 offers. But there was something very special about this movie. I have heard several movie narrations, but this story was unique. I am sure people have not seen something like this before. My character is extremely interesting.”
Well, she has no character now, because there is no film.


Yet, not one to be affected by this temporary setback, Poonam Pandey was back in the news, barely minutes after her Bollywood debut had been exposed as a publicity stunt. The reason: Poonam Pandey was ostensibly reinventing herself as an agony aunt. It didn’t take much to merit a mention on the wires. Just something as simple and smutty as this Twitter update by her: ‘Two secrets to a great relationship are: argue naked & never go to sleep angry at each other [sic].”

Yet another Twitter message from the recent past went “Twitter: Loners, moaners, stoners and boners.”

At first sight, someone might think that Poonam Pandey is a sick, publicity-hungry freak with nothing better to do. Part of this is true. Yes, Poonam Pandey is a sick, publicity-hungry freak. The ‘nothing better to do’ bit though is absolutely wrong.

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