Preity Zinta Says Rape Is Like Terrorism

The recent rape incident in Delhi, where a five year old girl was raped and brutalised by her neighbour, has numbed the entire country and Bollywood celebs too had expressed their anguish and shock through different mediums.

Actress Preity Zinta, who was in the news a day ago for chasing an ambulance involved in a hit and run incident, too shared her views on the case and compared rape to domestic terrorism. Zinta rued the fact that Indians have a short memory and that they react to a particular situation for some time and then forget about it. The dimpled dame added that rape is an act of terrorism against women as such culprits unleash terror on their victims.

Zinta, who has mostly played bubbly characters in her films, is known for her courage, which was displayed when she testified against the underworld a few years back.