Prince Jackson 'not ready to bond with birth mom'

New York, April 24 (ANI): Michael Jackson's son Prince Jackson is "not ready" to develop a relationship with his birth mom Debbie Rowe, it has been revealed.

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation told that although Prince's sister, Paris, is reportedly spending a lot of time with the woman who gave birth to her, the 16-year-old has no curiosity to make that same connection.

Michael Jackson's eldest son is apparently not having a problem with Rowe, but establishing ties with Rowe is just not on his radar.

Meanwhile, his 15-year-old sister Paris, now has a passion for nurturing a relationship with Rowe, and the two have spent a good deal of time together in the last few months.

Sources have revealed to the publication that there's no conflict between Paris and Prince, it's just that they have different priorities.

Insiders said that Rowe, would absolutely like to have a relationship with Prince, but just the way it happened with Paris.

Rowe reportedly wants it to develop naturally and only when Prince is ready. (ANI)