Priyanka Chopra Sad With 'Barfi!' Oscar Ouster

26 December 2012
Priyanka Chopra Sad With 'Barfi!' Oscar Ouster

Actress Priyanka Chopra is sad that her film, Barfi!, is out of contention for the coveted Oscar. The actress said that she is glad that the film was sent in as the official entry from India.  

The Anurag Basu-directed film, starring Ranbir Kapoor as a deaf and mute man and Priyanka as an autistic girl, was the official Indian entry for the best foreign language film category as the 85th Annual Academy Awards. However, it failed to make it to the shortlisted nine films. 


Priyanka was quoted saying that she is very sad about it and that they as a team are sad about it. She further added that it was a very special film for them and that she is happy for the kind of response that she got for Jhilmil's character. 


Director Anurag Basu had also reacted to the Oscar ouster, saying that he is not disappointed as good films had been shortlisted. 

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