Priyanka Chopra: 'I want my songs, videos to have Indian identity'

Actress-turned-singer Priyanka Chopra recently unveiled the official video of her international single 'In My City'. The video has an international appeal but also has 'desi tadka' in form of 'thumkas'. At the launch of her video, Chopra said that she included Bollywood moves in the video to give it an Indian flavour.


"The making of this video was great fun except for the fact that we shot almost 24 hours straight , it was a very grueling schedule. The dancing and everything was fine cause being in Bollywood we are kind of used to it but what I wanted to do was give it a little bit of an Indian flavor, in terms of the dancing, being colouful with the clothes.. I wanted the world to see what Bollywood is all about even though, it’s an international song," said the Barfi! star.


"I want my song and videos to have an Indian identity. I’m very proud to be an Indian and I want people to know about Bollywood when they watch my videos," she further added.


'In My City' is Priyanka's debut single and also features international rapper