Priyanka Chopra's Message To Her Haters

Priyanka Chopra recently launched the video of her second international single Exotic and though many have appreciated her sizzling video, she's also been receiving flak from her critics for allegedly copying singers like Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and Britney Spears.

However, Priyanka seems to be unfazed by her detractors and she recently sent out a message for them on Twitter, writing, “I've always been told..ignore haters..they just seek attention..and I's fine..everyone has a right to an opinion..but I don't understand pple who like hurting pple deliberately..isn't that just mean.. #justsaying (sic).”

Priyanka's Exotic features American rapper Pitbull and our desi girl has also rocked a swimsuit along with other hot outfits, in the video.