R-Patz wants Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell back as 'X Factor' judges

20 February 2013

London, Feb. 20 (ANI): Robert Pattinson is said to be grieving over Cheryl Cole's departure from the reality show 'The X factor.'

The 26-year-old actor told the Mirror that he would like to see Cole back on the TV show.

He said that the show will now never be the same as Cowell has also left it, but having Cole back would be good for the show.

Pattinson asserted that the show hasn't been the same since the two of them left and if there is a chance Cowell should bring her back and in fact the 53-year-old media mogul should do both the shows.

"The US Show is midweek and the UK at weekends - come on Simon you have enough money to charter your own plane," he added. (ANI)

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