Ranbir Kapoor To Turn Plump For Kishore Kumar Biopic

Talented actor Ranbir Kapoor, who was last seen in Anurag Basu's sweet love story Barfi!, will be once again teaming up with Basu for a biopic to be made on the life of Kishore Kumar and it seems the Kapoor Prince is gearing up to face fresher challenges.

It seems that Ranbir will be sporting three different looks in the film as per the age of his character and that he will also have to put on weight while playing the older Kishore Kumar, who turned quite plump in his later years. Confirming the news, Basu said that Ranbir will be seen playing Kishore from the time he was 19 to the time he was 58 and that the actor will have to bulk up in the course of the character's development.
We had also reported that Ranbir will probably romance four actresses in the film, as Kishore had relations with four different women at various stages of his life.