Random Interaction With Bus Conductor Motivated Akshay Kumar To Learn Marathi

It is a well-known fact that actor-producer Akshay Kumar is fluent at speaking Marathi, despite the fact that he is a true-blue Punjabi. We have also reported that Akki's Marathi is so good that he also helped Asin learn the language for her role as Indu Tendulkar in upcoming flick 'Khiladi 786'.

However, what many might not know is that it was a rather unpleasant encounter with a cranky bus conductor that motivated our 'Khiladi' to master the language. In a recent interview, Kumar was quoted saying that some years back, when the actor was travelling in a bus, the conductor told him to move ahead in the crowded bus and not knowing the language, Akshay just stood there, which reportedly irritated the conductor. Following this incident, the former martial artist-turned actor-turned producer decided to learn Marathi.

Akshay, who was last seen playing the role of a modern day Lord Krishna in religious satire 'OMG Oh My God!', will be next seen in masala flick 'Khiladi 786', which marks his comeback to the 'Khiladi' series.