The Reason Behind Katrina Kaif's Early Exit From Arjun Kapoor's Birthday Bash?

A few days back, Arjun Kapoor celebrated his birthday with a star-studded bash and at the time, it was reported that Katrina Kaif had left the party early as she was miffed with Ranbir Kapoor, her alleged beau, for not being attentive enough.

However, the 'Kat' is finally out of the bag now and Kaif clarified that on the night of the party, she left early as she had to shoot for her upcoming film Dhoom 3. The Boom babe added that she was in the middle of the shoot of a music track from Dhoom 3, which involves a lot of heavy-duty acrobatics, which made her leave early.

In Dhoom 3, Kaif will share screen space with Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra.