Rooney Mara frets about death

18 February 2013

New York, Feb. 18 (ANI): Rooney Mara has said that she sometimes wonders about how her film will be completed if she were to die part way through filming.

"Sometimes I think about that - like, 'Okay, if I died right now, would they have to reshoot the whole film? Or would they be able to edit around it'," the New York Daily News quoted her as saying to the new Interview magazine.

The 27-year-old actress said that then she thinks about the scenes that are left to shoot, and weighs if the makers would be able to finish the movie or not.

She also said that she trusted director Steven Soderbergh while filming 'Side Effects.'

Mara asserted that she does whatever she is told and whenever she is told during filming, but there is a line - like when Soderbergh asked her to do a reverse cowgirl with Channing Tatum in 'Side Effects,' she put her foot down.

She said that if the character should be nude in the scene and it made sense and if she trusts the person making the film then she doesn't see any problem with it.

She added that she certainly didn't want to be involved in anything that is gratuitous, and believed that the human body is not something to be ashamed of, as every other person on the planet has the same parts as she does, which shouldn't be a huge shock to most people. (ANI)

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