Russell Brand jokes about marriage to Katy Perry

20 March 2013

London, Mar 20 (ANI): Russell Brand, who split up from his wife Katy Perry, seems to have got over the separation, as he joked about his marriage on a radio show saying that it had gotten off to a shaky start and he had tried his hardest to save it.

In a special radio show for the Teenage Cancer Trust on XFM, Russell and his friends - Oasis frontman, Noel Gallagher, comedian Noel Fielding and Russell's former radio colleagues Trevor Lock and Matt Morgan - were laughing about how short his marriage was to Perry, with Gallagher claiming that they had made bets on how long it will last, the Mirror reported.

Gallagher further claimed that he came the closest in guessing how long the marriage will last, to which the 37-year-old comedian replied, "thanks, nice to know you're all behind me, very supportive, nice to know you're all supporting me.

Further, Brand described a marriage as a bond and an arrangement that can last up to 14 months and that begins on an elephant and ends in a newspaper.

When everyone laughed, he said that they shouldn't cackle, as he had tried his hardest in saving it and then he asked his friends how come did they know exactly how long his marriage lasted, were they timing it. (ANI)

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