'Saint Dracula 3D' To Be Screened At Jaipur International Film Festival

Biz TV Networks and Rupesh Paul's upcoming horror film, Saint Dracula 3D, will be screened at the prestigious Jaipur International Film Festival this year.


The preview screening will be held on February 2, 2013 at Screen 2. Speaking about his experience of working on the film, director Rupesh Paul said, “Saint Dracula 3D is essentially the story of love and passion. While building up the script of Saint Dracula 3D I went through the most thumping love experience of my life. It was in the air; it touched me and distilled me. This exceedingly weird and wonderful personal experience facilitated the script. In another state of mind and love, this would not have been possible.”


The film was also widely appreciated for its theme at Cannes Film Market, Berlin Film Market and American Film Market. It was also specially honoured by the Motion Picture Association of Antigua (West Indies). The film is set to release in March 2013.