Santhanam's Vaaliba Raaja begins!

19 June 2013
Santhanam's Vaaliba Raaja begins!

We have already reported that the Santhanam-Sethu-Vishaka combo from blockbuster comedy riot Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya, is back with a bang again. The project, titled Vaaliba Raaja, will be produced by Vanks Vision 1 and Sai Gokulnath, a longtime associated of K.V. Anand, will wield the megaphone. The technical team includes Radhaan (music), Lokanth (camera), Sathyaraj (editing) and Senthil Kumar (dialogues). In the film Santhanam will play the role of a psychiatrist (Raja) and Sethu, a designer.

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