Saree Gets a Trendy Makeover

Saree has been one of the most coveted ensembles for Indian women since time immemorial. The dress that at one point of time was a simple cloth draping the demure silhouette of a beautiful Indian woman, has now turned into a fashion trousseau adopting a plethora of new trends.

Whether you are going for a formal party or a night gathering, shopping for your wedding or simply picking up some formal wears for office, sarees have turned out to be the chic ‘in’ thing. Such has been the craze over this six-yard long attire, which women all over the globe find extremely fascinating. Consequently, saree has accomplished a makeover over their traditional counterparts with designer trends, sneaking in to make you look ravishing on every occasion. Take a glimpse at some of the latest trends in sarees that are vogue these days.

Lehenga-style saree

Lehenga-style saree is a stylish way to don a saree with intricate work, yet save on your time and efforts to make the cumbersome pleats look absolutely perfect. It is a trend catching up with today’s fast-paced generation, which does not have time to tie a traditional saree while hassling their way with the pleats. In a lehenga-style saree, the bottom half comes pre-stitched just like a free flowing lehenga. So, opt for this if you want to look chic and ethnic at the same time.

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Floral party wears

Floral prints on chiffon or crepe sarees are one of the most stylish fashion statements that have found huge favours with party and wedding goers. You can experiment with a number of colours and floral styles.

Net sarees

For the sensuous and enigmatic woman inside you, net saree will make a perfect style statement. Net sarees have been made quite popular by India’s biggest trend-setting brigade– Bollywood divas. They come in a variety of modern designs and light hues. You can put forward the right demeanour with these at a wedding or a formal gathering.

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Jacquard sarees

If you wish to make your female friends go green with envy looking at the collection of sarees in your wardrobe, the jacquard saree is a must-have for you. These are loom-woven designer sarees, which reflect the creative clout of the artisans who make intricate designs to offer the sarees with both traditional and modern looks. Jacquard can be combined with other fabrics like chiffon and tissue, to give it an interesting look.

Lace sarees

If you want to give a stylish vintage twist to this ethnic wear, then go for a beautiful French lace saree. Lace is a fabric that for long has been working its wonders in the world of fashion all over the world. So, let your traditional Indian wear become the talk of the town as you sashay your way into a party in a beautiful vintage lace saree.

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Innovative prints

The only thing with bold prints is that they make a very definite fashion statement, provided that it suits you and you do not go overboard in the patterns. You can opt for bold statements, like Sonam Kapoor is here seen wearing a pacman print saree or Celina Jaitley in the peacock print saree or Shilpa Shetty in a cow print saree. What prints will you get for your next outing?

Sarees with jackets or shrug

Sonam Kapoor made these styles quite popular for the younger generations. She wore a trailing baroque-effect jacket on the Cannes red carpet. Coincidently, even Aishwarya Rai, had worn a jacket blouse at Cannes. This is an interesting way to give the saree a vintage twist.

Sarees gown

Now this one is a slight deviation, but here is a saree inspired gown for those who want to style their wardrobe with avant-garde outfits. The fluidity and construction of the traditional six-yards is now combined with the practicality of a gown. These are basically gowns that come with a pallu, and at times with stitched pleats. So, this new silhouette will look like a saree inspired outfit.

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Apart from the sarees, there are many more exciting blouse styles that you can explore as well. With so many new saree trends doing the round, which one are you going to don for your next party?