Why you should say yes to baby!

Yes, there's more to life than having a baby but if you feel yours is incomplete without that unique bundle of joy, here's important knowhow for all who may have problems in conceiving… Soni Sangwan brings you details, and talks to some special mothers.

Shalini and Dhruv (names changed) worked in the same company but in different cities. Shalini was in HR and Dhruv headed the IT team. Both were doing well in their careers and had little time to think about marriage. Coincidentally, their parents met through common friends and decided to get the two together. Though focused on her career, Shalini was not averse to marriage - she was on the wrong side of 35. They got married within the year but Shalini had to wait for another two years before she could find an appropriate job in Mumbai, where her husband was based, and join him. It took her another two years to settle down in her new job and by the time the couple started thinking about children, Shalini had crossed 40.

Shalini was sure she wanted to have children, but Dhruv was worried about all that conventional wisdom warned about - Down's Syndrome, genetic anomalies, problems Shalini might have in conceiving because of her age… the list was long. For people such as Shalini, who have put off having children for whatever reasons - career, not having found the right man, not being financially secure, or even couples who may have had a first child earlier and now was trying for a second child, or for those who may face difficulty in conceiving due to health issues - there could not be a better time to go ahead. All the things Dhruv was worried about are very real. But there are so many options now. Technology, surrogacy and adoption are all available to women who have difficulty in conceiving whether it's because of age or other health issues.

Shalini and Dhruv went through six months of trying naturally before they sought help and are now parents of twins through IVF.

If you have put off having a baby earlier…

- Your chances of getting pregnant in one cycle are five percent, if you are above 40

- One out of five women over 40 will get pregnant naturally

- Between 40 and 44, your chances of having a miscarriage are 34 percent

- You should see a fertility expert if you do not get pregnant naturally even after six months of trying; irrespective of age

- As you age, so do your eggs, affecting their quality as well as quantity

- Age makes your eggs more prone to genetic abnormalities leading to difficulty in conceiving, miscarriages and birth defects in babies

- Your ovaries are not producing the best quality eggs

- Your uterus may not be healthy enough to sustain a pregnancy

- The age-related hormonal changes in your body may hamper conception

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7 Signs that Say You are Ready for a Baby
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