Settai's wellness mantra!

DE-stress Stress is the biggest disease mankind has been infected with! The only way to relax and de-stress is to have a good laugh! Settai is all fun and no worries! The three heroes are in big trouble with a ruthless villain! You may not find that funny now, but when you watch the movie you will! GOOD WORKOUT Exercise is a key part of healthy living. But how many of us exercise our facial muscles? We work them out best when we smile and laugh. Settai will give you an intense 2 hour session in just that! ACTIVATE GREY CELLS You have got to keep your brain active. Settai is a full-on laughter riot, but that doesn’t mean you leave your brains at home. The movie moves at such pace that you have to pay good attention to what’s happening! SOUND THERAPY Good music refreshes and rejuvenates the mind and soul. Thaman’s music will revive and refresh you. Feel healthy from within... EYE SPA For the ladies there’s Arya. For the guys the options are plenty: Hansika, Anjali and a dash of Neetu Chandra! Who needs cucumber anyways!