Shaadi ke Interesting Side Effects

Marriage is just like a medicine. It cures loneliness and increases the circulation of happiness in your life. However, it does not come with prescribed number of doses or cautionary label. Yet, it lasts till eternity if you preserve it the right way.

But like any other medicine, it has its own side effects too. From sharing your room and personal space to cooking and laundry, you have to do it all. Not only this, you have to share your chocolates as well (we know girls hate doing it!). Sharing a chocolate is really a tough task for every girl. She likes to relish her cocoa slowly, and one giant-sized bite that the husband takes can deprive her of multiple heavens. Well, the side effects are many. So, let’s delve deeper to know about a few interesting side effects of getting married.

Sharing everything, even chocolates!

Marriage is all about sharing– secrets, joys, closet, bedroom, bathroom, food, outings, and time. And, this is applicable to both the partners. It surely is a good thing, but sometimes there comes a point where you crave for some time alone. Once you are married, such moments where you can spend some ‘me’ time introspecting, partying without your spouse or doing nothing become rare.

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Weight gain

This syndrome is so true in India. You would notice that pretty women would become fat aunties and handsome guys would flaunt a round belly. Well, couples become so busy managing their life post-marriage that most of them do not get time to exercise. And, with the amount of oil we Indians consume in our food, this side effect is bound to happen.

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Endless lessons on neatness

This one is especially for men. Most husbands still cannot understand why their wives insist that they should put things at their proper place. For them, even keeping their laptop uncluttered is a lot of work. Men feel that women react as if the entire universe will be misaligned if they do not keep the remote in its place or leave the newspapers unfolded after reading.

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Start as a referee, end up as a victim

Well, this one is a cliché, but most husbands experience it. We are talking about the age-old conflict between your wife and mother. All husbands begin with being a referee in the conflict, but end up becoming the victim. It is they who have to bear the brunt and taunts from both sides. And, what adds to the trauma is when both of them say, "you have changed after marriage".

Laundry and cooking replaces dates and parties 

Well girls, it is your turn now. During your singlehood or courtship days, you would plan dates, take hours to dress up, party with friends all night, but never cared about the next day’s breakfast or lunch menu. But after marriage, you become more responsible, as you have to manage all your household chores. You cannot party and freak out with friends without informing your husband. And, if at all you go, you have to make sure that his clothes are ironed and food is prepared before you leave.

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Your worst nightmare is about your maid taking leave

If nothing else, marriage can teach you great lessons in how to deal with and retain a domestic help. With the kind of hectic lifestyle we have these days (with both partners working), it is very difficult for women to live without assistance in domestic chores. Managing home and office, both at the same time can get really difficult for them.

Well, we agree that marriage brings along a lot of responsibilities, but it also makes you feel happy and loved. So, enjoy all its aspects.