Shah Rukh Khan To Replace Salman Khan In 'Bigg Boss 7'?

22 April 2013
Shah Rukh Khan To Replace Salman Khan In 'Bigg Boss 7'?

This may come as a surprise to many but if rumours are to be believed, then Salman Khan's arch rival Shah Rukh Khan may soon be approached by the makers of Bigg Boss to host the upcoming season of the show.

Salman has been hosting the show since past three years however, it seems that he won't host the 7th season of the superhit reality show, owing to his busy schedule. Reportedly, Salman's upcoming home production Mental has got delayed, due to his court appearances and medical check-ups and therefore he may have to opt out of the show.

Buzz has it that if Salman decides not to host the show, the makers may rope in the witty SRK. Some sources claim that the King Khan has already been approached to host the next season of Bigg Boss.

This rivalry doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon...

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