Shahid Kapoor Gets Nostalgic At Shiamak Davar's Dance Class

It is a well-known fact that before making his acting debut in Bollywood, actor Shahid Kapoor spent quite some time at Shiamak Davar's dance academy and the Kaminey star recently got a chance to wear his dancing shoes again when he visited the institution after more than two decades!

It seems that Shahid had gone to the academy to drop off his younger brother Ishaan, who is studying there. Getting nostalgic about his own days as a dance student, Shahid said, "I'm coming to dance class again after almost twelve years and the amazing part is that everything is the same, the instructors, the students and the energy. Whatever dancing I've learnt is largely because of Shiamak and SDIPA. The institute has grown to be bigger, larger and better just like Shiamak himself has! It was a spontaneous decision to come here today to drop Ishaan and I'm so happy I did!"
Shahid reportedly also spent over an hour interacting with the students and sharing tips on dancing with them. Needless to say, Davar was quite touched with this gesture and said, "It always humbles me that even after becoming such a big star, Shahid still gives back to the dance school and has such respect for it. This just goes to show how good a human he still is. For me, this is what makes Shahid so special."


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