Who's Sonakshi new teacher?

Ajay Devgn teaches co-star Sonakshi to ride a bike in 'Son of Sardar'

With Devgn riding horses and Sanju Baba showing his bravura personality by driving powerful jeeps in their forthcoming Diwali release ‘Son of Sardaar’, how could the leading lady of the film Sonakshi be far behind?
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Portraying a true Sardarni look, Sonakshi held her breath and balanced herself perfectly on the two wheels to perform some heart stopping adrelanine pumped stunts on a motor bike for this action comedy. Buzz is that the actress was a little apprehensive when she was told that her 1st entry scene would be on a bike and she also had to do some gallant antics on the mean machine. We hear that Sona decided to take the challenge head on with guidance from her action maestro and co-star Ajay Devgn.
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A source close to the team said, “Sonakshi has never driven a bike before so she was quite anxious about riding and performing stunts on the bike so Ajay helped her to ride the bike. She practiced it several times and then when she performed the sequence for the final scene, she took the entire cast and crew by surprise as she did it with so much perfection.”
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