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Sonakshi Sinha Almost Hits Salman Khan With A Sword

2 December 2012
Sonakshi Sinha Almost Hits Salman Khan With A Sword
Sonakshi Sinha Almost Hits Salman Khan With A Sword

We've heard of so many actors getting injured while shooting for stunt sequences. However, this time, the lead actor of Dabangg 2, Salman Khan, was almost injured by his co-actor, Sonakshi Sinha.

The song Dagabaaz Re has a sequence where Sonakshi and Salman are enacting a scene on a stage. Sonakshi was required to use a sword playfully for the shot. However, it seems she nearly hit the actor during this shoot. Sources from the sets revealed that due to an error in timing, the sword almost hit Salman. Luckily, it missed his face by a fraction of a second.


Sources added that while everyone else on the set was stunned, both Salman and Sonakshi laughed it off. They did the same scene again and this time both of them were perfectly in sync.


Dabangg 2, directed by Arbaaz Khan, is set to release on December 21.

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