Suddeep's Manikya to start shooting in Bidar

28 November 2013

Sandalwood Superstar Kichha Sudeep is very busy with wrapping up shooting for his upcoming film Manikya. The latest news from the unit is that the entire team has shifted to Bidar to shoot there non stop for 10 days. Actor Ravichandran has joined the team in this schedule. A little birdie says that Ravichandran's look is very confidential. The actor will be playing the role of Sudeeps's father in the film. Manikya is the official remake of Tollywood blockbuster film Mirchi starring Prabhas. Sudeep is taking lot of care regarding the sets also. He has spent a lot and re designed a set in Hyderabad film city. Lets hope the hard work pays off!

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