Sunny Deol Shows Sporting Spirit On 'I Love New Year Sets'

We had earlier reported about a poster of upcoming film I Love New Year, where actor Sunny Deol is seen sporting a pair of boxer shorts and showing off his boyish side.

However, it seems that when the scene was supposed to be shot, director duo Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru were quite apprehensive about approaching Sunny to wear the shorts owing to Sunny's dhai kilo ka haath persona. However, when the directors went to Sunny, he was quite sporty about the whole thing! A source said, “Everyone was surprised when Sunny paaji not only agreed to sport a pair of shorts, but also remained in his boxers throughout the day and even roamed the sets in his boxers.” On his part, Sunny claimed that he is game for anything as long as he is shooting for his film. “When I am in character, I love doing everything,” said the actor.

I Love New Year also stars Kangna Ranaut and is the story of two strangers, who happen to meet by chance on New Year's Eve.

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