Weekend Watch: Sunny

Kunal Guha
Yahoo! India Movies
14 June 2012

Genre: Drama
Language: Korean
Release Date: 22 August 2011    
Verdict: A charming tear-jerker       

After getting accolades and praises at international festivals in New York, London, Osaka and Mumbai, South Korean film Sunny doesn’t need an Oscar nomination to second its merit. This Korean drama explores many emotions through a story that essentially based on nostalgia. The lead cast include a group of girlfriends who were thick as thieves in high school and how they change over the years. Unlike most films that reminisce the past, this one strays away from sappy melodrama and opts for a soulful approach to highly emotional situations.

The film is intercut between the past and the present, as we seamlessly swing between the many patches of the lead character’s formative years and how she has managed to find her ground as a doting mother and wife in her present situation. The music used in the film is also a reflection of the popularity of American Pop from the 70s-80s in South Korea.

Emotional dramas may seem inappropriate for all but this one pushes the boundaries of the genre and has something for everyone. What is also particularly endearing is how quickly and easily the lead characters manage to engage and involve you as a viewer into their lives. A pure drop of sunshine, this.

Trivia about Sunny:

•    On June 19, 2011 "Sunny" became the first film in to sell over 5,000,000 tickets in South Korea during the 2011 calendar year.

•    On July 28, 2011 a Director's Cut version of "Sunny" was released theatrically in South Korea. The director's cut version contains 10 minutes of extra footage that was removed from the original theatrical version to obtain a general audience movie rating. A large portion of the added 10 minutes contains violence or profanity.

•    As of August 25, 2011, "Sunny" sold a total of 7.3 million tickets and ranks #11 for all time ticket sales for a Korean film

•    Roughly 50% of the movie has been shot in the present day and 50% shot in the past.

•    During its May 6-8 opening weekend, "Sunny" opened #1 selling 279,846 tickets. During its 2nd weekend the movie stayed #1 and sold 616,400 tickets.

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