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Surprising Beauty and Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is well-known for the broad spectrum of medicinal benefits it provides to its daily drinkers. However, this hot cup of delicacy can become a part of your first aid kit owing to its many other benefits. In unusual places and circumstances, tea leaves can be your solution to a number of beauty and health problems. So, take a look at a few unconventional benefits of tea leaves that will definitely surprise you!

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Widen your sleepy eyes

Tea leaves can be a perfect solution for your tired and puffy eyes. Just take two tea bags and soak them in some warm water. Place them over your closed eyes for 15 minutes. Tea leaves have a natural astringent known as tannins, which can help to reduce puffiness in your eyes. Tea bags also help you to get rid of dark circles under your eyes.

Skin protector

Green tea is known for its skin-tightening and anti-ageing properties. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds present in green tea make it a perfect skin protector. Just add water and white sugar to some green tea to prepare a scrub. This mix will help to moisturise your skin, improve the hydration levels and exfoliate your facial skin to a smooth silky finish.

Controls gum bleeding

Press some moistened tea bags on your bleeding gums and apply pressure for about 20 minutes. This will bring the bleeding and pain under control. The reason why tea bags are used is because of their anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Tea leaves are known to be a refreshing mouthwash as well.

Acne treatment

Based on its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; green tea is a powerful solution for your acne. Simply rub moist green tea leaves on your face before going to bed and this will take care of your acne. Even drinking green tea every morning, is known to provide your face a beautiful and natural glow.

Deodorant for your smelly feet

Water extracted from green tea leaves is a powerful deodorant. It becomes a great way to get rid of odour from your smelly feet. Just soak your feet in some strongly brewed tea for at least 20 minutes. Tea will close those pores in your feet that emit sweat. (Also read on 10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Body Odour)

Takes care of sunburns

Did you forget to apply your sunscreen or cover your face when you stepped out in the harsh sun? Well, tea leaves can provide relief to your sunburned skin. Just put some tea leaves in your bath water and just let your body soak in its goodness. This bath will relieve your itchy and inflamed skin.

Tea goodness for hair

Tea makes a good conditioner for your dry hair as it gives them a natural shine. Just take some freshly brewed tea (unsweetened) and rub it on your hair and allow it to dry before rinsing it off. Tea also works as a natural dye that can take care of your grey hair. Add some rosemary and sage (medicinal herb) in some black tea and let the mixture stay overnight. After that strain it and use it on your hair.

De-stress with tea leaves

Tea leaves are known to be therapeutic for your mind. They help to relieve you of your stress. To get best calming benefits of tea leaves, you can put them inside your pillow. Take some sun dried tea leaves then take them and put them inside your pillow and sew it off. The relaxing fragrance of tea leaves will help you not only to relax but also get rid of your body odour.

Shed those excess kilos

Green tea drinkers lose weight faster than those who don’t. Catechins in green tea significantly decrease your body fat. Studies have also revealed that green tea helps to stabilise body weight after a period of weight loss. Not only this, green tea also boosts your metabolism and cures digestion problems. (Read more about green tea in 8 Healthy Foods that Help You Live Longer)

For the newlyweds

Well, here is a chance for all newly weds to add some charm in their marriage, along with impressing your belove. Green tea contains caffeine, ginseng and L-thiamine which are known to have positive effect on sexual drive, especially of women. So, if you feel like bringing your partner in mood for some lovemaking, just pour some tea for them. 


So, what are you waiting for? Add tea leaves and tea bags to your shopping list to enjoy their health and beauty benefits for your skin and body. Time to brew a hot cup, we say!

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