Sushma Reddy: 'My show is the first to showcase the whole of Maharashtra'

VJ-actress-show host Sushma Reddy is donning the hat of a producer as well as an anchor for the very first time with the Discovery TLC show 'Go India Maharashtra' and the curly-haired beauty claims that her show is the first to explore Maharashtra as a travel destination.

In an exclusive interview, Reddy said, “My show 'Go India Maharashtra is the first time that an attempt has been made to showcase the whole of Maharashtra. TLC has mostly focused on international travel and so on the channel, you see shows about foreign locations like Australia or Africa and other such destinations, but India as such had never been a focus till now.” She added that now, there is a change in the way lifestyle or travel telecasters are viewing India and this is a step in the right direction as Go India Maharashtra really showcases the state at its best.

Sushma reportedly travelled across the state and to hitherto unknown locations within the state for her show.