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Ranvir Shorey-Pooja Bhatt:

In December 2002, Ranvir Shorey, VJ and actor, was beaten up by Rahul Bhatt, the brother of Pooja Bhatt. Ranvir and Pooja were then seeing each other. Shorey suffered some stitches and a dislocated knee, something he claimed he didn’t deserve for merely walking out on Pooja Bhatt. The Bhatts, in turn, had a different version: that Shorey was drunk and that he was beating up Pooja Bhatt for refusing him a drink and that Rahul had to intervene and protect his sister. Shorey vehemently denied these allegations. The parents of both the aggrieved parties urged the couple to “put the incident behind them”. And they did. Shorey is now married to Konkana Sen Sharma and Pooja Bhatt is married to another Channel [V] VJ, the guy who played Udham Singh in the late '90s. 


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