The Bollywood Fight Club

SRK-Mozez Singh:
Mozez Singh comes from a rich family in New Delhi, the cash from which funds his dabbling in film production, furniture design, whatever catches his fancy. But what he is most known for is how needy he is to be seen with the who’s who. This desperation cost him dearly in May 2011, when at Mahdeep Kapoor’s birthday, he got a little too obnoxious with the women. At first, Sohail Khan, Sallu’s youngest brother who is no less known for his penchant for the odd scuffle, tried to put Mozez Singh in his place. However, towards the end of the party, when SRK and Hrithik were having a sweet goodbye chat by the elevator, Mozez Singh again stepped in and tried his sidey antics. To this, SRK grabbed him by the collar and slapped him hard. Finally, Hrithik Roshan separated the two since he doesn’t like fights.  But this fight could well have started the belligerent streak in SRK…


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