The Dhishoom! Hall of Fame

The Dhishoom! Hall of Fame

While films like Tezz and Agent Vinod promise slick action, filmi fights have been characterized by crude dhishooming. Here's a tribute

Girl getting teased by roadside mavaalis, boy surfaces out of thin air to sock their winds out. And nothing avenges father’s honour more than bashing up his killer to pulp. And while today our hero manages to leap across buildings and swing through canyons thanks to technological leaps, we still have low-gravity kicks, punches that propel bodies into mid-air ballets and cars walking on two feet. So it is heartwarming to learn that somethings never change. Here’s a fist-up for the great dhishooms of Bollywood. Wham!

Talwaar ki dhaar

While fencing was never been a Bollywood favourite, this desi version of swaying talwaars to chop heads and puncture bellies has always excited audiences. Watch this action scene from the movie ‘Heera’ where Sunil Dutt gets his blade crossed with Shatrughan Singha.

Nahin Chodunga!

Clumsy kicks in the crotch followed by a lame chase and a bullet piercing through one’s behind make this action scene in ‘Heera Panna’ a joy to watch. What’s particularly funny is Dev Anand’s unending questioning session even after he shoots his target who is oozing out orange-coloured blood from his shoulders.

Dying in slow-mo

While the late legendary actor Dev Anand is fondly remembered for his many classics, including this one, this gripping and hammy war scene from ‘Hum Dono’ has the actor flaunting a well-conditioned moustache as he rolls and tosses about, slowly and steadily succumbing to an enemy bullet.

Gabbar’s attempted rape

“Aaj hum tere jawaani se khelenge, Dhaniya!” says the mighty Amjad Khan who attempts to execute a rape on Rekha. This is obviously interrupted by our son of the soil, Amitabh Bachchan, who is suddenly woken from a kip in the fields. This 24-carat fight scene from ‘Ganga Ki Saugandh’ includes rolling in a puddle of mud to using old-school props like bullock-less carts and even an axe which is used plough the ground and terrorize rapists just as well.

Mere bhaiya ko chhod do!

The Bollywood leading ladies have usually restricted themselves to wailing and weeping while the hero makes the baddies sniff the ground. But in this scene from ‘Kachcha Chor’, Rekha is surely a bit more than an accessory to this pathetic action scene which involves largely strangling. Rekha’s contribution: “Chhod do mere bhaiya ko! Chhod do!”

Kaffan can be fun

This classic action scene from ‘Gair Kanooni’ features superstar Rajnikanth and Govinda who knock out about 25 extras throwing in classic mukkas and kicking behinds better than Euro cup champions.

Baba beats 'em black and blue

Love hurts and how. Sanjay Dutts goes to prove this in his classic old-school dishoom session where he bashes up a gang of baddies who come to annihilate him. Another interesting thing about this action scene is the use of seduction to deceive one of the baddies towards the end of the scene.

Sallu's double-fisted mukka

Way before Sallu evolved into the Dabangg Khan he is today, his initial attempts to be an action hero were, well, a little less heroic. In this action scene where he begins by punching two baddies at the same time (one arm per villain), what really gets your goat are the yelps that accompany his every blow. Painful for the baddies who’ve wronged Sallu but certainly for us too as we brave this scene.

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