Things You Should Never Share With Him

Openness and honesty are the building blocks of any relationship. But, there are boundaries in every association and it is your duty to make sure that you do not overstep yours. While you should never intentionally hide things from your man, there are few things that are best kept hushed up from him. Read on to find out what they really are!

Details about your ex

While lying or hiding about your past from your man is not recommended, there is no need to give him too many details about your ex-boyfriends. Apart from the name, the length of your relationship, and the reason for departing, your man does not need to know more. You may share some details with fondness or out of honesty. However, it is highly possible that you have him thinking that you still hold feelings for your ex. Men always question themselves that if they measure up or if you regret falling for them. Why give him a reason to wonder?

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Number of partners you have shared bed with

Irrespective of the fact that your man is highly evolved, he will have serious issues if he comes to know the number of sexual partners you have had. He will not only end up thinking if you compare him with others, but will also remain in great pressure to perform. The rule is simple, there is no need for him to know that how many men you have had sex with. On the contrary, it is not a good idea to let your partner know that you are a virgin when you are not. Remember, staying honest is a must, but giving out details is not required.

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Criticism about his ability to perform

Well, for a man it is a matter of pride to be able to satisfy a woman. So, to ensure that your man does not loose on his confidence to perform, refrain from criticising or comparing his technique, size, or endurance level. Also, this does not mean that you fake it because if you remain sexually unsatisfied, in the long run it will affect the health of your relationship. A better idea is to suggest him ways that you think will be able arouse passion in you.

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That you dislike his mom

There is always a possibility that you do not get along with your in-laws, but this does not mean that you give him a list of thousand detailed reasons of why you cannot stand his mother. Most men have a soft corner for their mother and knowing that you do not gel well with her can land you in trouble. Highlighting the reasons repeatedly can pressurise him to choose between her and you. It is advised that you state your case gently and until your man is in your favor, learn to bite your tongue and grin!

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While shrouding things in mystery is often considered unhealthy for a relationship, there are just few things that he does not need to know. Being careful about what you speak can take your companionship a long way. 


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