Top Gun 2 'falls apart' after Tony Scott's suicide

11 November 2012

Melbourne, November 11 (ANI): Plans to make a sequel to Tom Cruise's classic 1986 film Top Gun have collapsed in wake of the tragic suicide of director Tony Scott.

Scott made the original hit film and had been working with Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer with a view to developing Top Gun 2 in 2010.

Scott and Cruise went so far as to scout potential filming locations in Fallon, Nevada over the summer, but tragedy struck on August 19 when the celebrated director jumped to his death from a bridge in California, prompting movie chiefs to temporarily shelve the project out of respect for Scott's legacy.

The New York Times reports that the project has "fallen apart" and that Paramount studios have set it aside, so as not to exploit Scott's death or appear insensitive to family members and fans. (ANI)

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