Vidya: Rekha is the perfect image of true Indian women editorial
20 February 2012

Rachana, Glamsham Editorial

Bollywood divas Vidya Balan and Rekha have lot of things in common. Both hail from south, both have glorified the spirit of women on-screen and finally both share common fashion sensibilities. The duo has a special liking for sarees. At any point of time, you find the twosome flaunting their love for sarees.

When this special connection was brought to Vidya's notice, she was highly thrilled.

On asking Vidya if she's following the evergreen veteran actress' style, she at once replied, "This is a biggest compliment for me. She is who she is. I have always admired her. She's done varied roles and genres in her lifetime. Not only her body of work even her style statement has always inspired me. Just like Rekhaji even I love wearing sarees (Kanjivaram)."

She further went on to add, "Rekhaji and my mother are the perfect images of a true Indian woman. So when people say I look like her I am thrilled."

Well we truly adore this connection!

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