New Walt Disney biopic edits out filmmaker's chain-smoking habit

London, Nov. 19 (ANI): Walt Disney's chain-smoking habit has been edited out of the upcoming film 'Saving Mr. Banks', which is based on the late Hollywood mogul, because of his company's onscreen smoking ban.

The movie revolves around Walt's relationship with 'Mary Poppins' writer P L Travers during the making of the 1964 movie adaptation of the book, the Independent reported.

The film's producer Alison Owen and director John Lee Hancock revealed that they were a bit apprehensive about working with Disney on a film based on its founder, as they feared that executives would try to control the picture.

But, executives made only one request that is no smoking, Owens asserted.

The movie, however, features an unlit cigarette in one scene, where the cigarette itself is not visible and nor is its smoke. (ANI)