Why Salman watched the World cup?

Kunal Guha
Yahoo! India Movies
12 April 2011

Salman Khan may not be the biggest cricket fan in the film fraternity. However, he stayed glued to the TV screen when India played the semis and then the finals of the cricket World Cup. And there is a singular reason for his peculiar behaviour demonstrated by our Bollywood’s bad boy.

Salman, who returns to the big screen this Eid, in the remake of a southern super hit film Bodyguard, watched the last two matches of the cricket world cup intently, as there were lots of VVIPs in the stadium, moving along with the general crowds. Salman wanted to observe and learn the body language and behaviour of the bodyguards of these VVIPs and the SPG (Special Protection Group), a highly trained security personnel, in charge of the security for the Prime Minister and the likes of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

Salman wanted to observe how they manage the VVIPs in a crowd situation, and how they move about in the crowd and attend to their clients, and what better way than to by study them while they’re on the job.

In fact, these observations benefitted Salman immensely. He has even made subtle changes in his character in Bodyguard, following the cricket matches. Says Atul Agnihotri, producer of  
Bodyguard, "Salman Khan wanted to understand the body language of the SPG. These guys are trained to blend and protect Z-plus personalities. So Salman, though not a frantic cricket buff, watched the India-Pakistan match without missing even a second."

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