Wild video of man jumping his truck into a creek asks more questions than it answers

Kai Benson
Yahoo! Autos Canada
22 August 2013

It's the double-edged sword of Vine: a lot can happen in six seconds, but then you might be left with too many questions to count.

This vine shows Michigan man Mark Moerland driving his 2007 Nissan Titan along a highway median before flying over a guardrail into a creek, leaving the viewer with questions like "How in the world did that happen?", "Was he trying to jump the creek?", and "Why is there a riding mower attached to the back of that?"


            Video of Mark Moerland's wild highway ride (warning: graphic language)
The more sympathetic might ask if he's going to be okay (he is). But the real question is how did 17-year-old Alex Stack manage to have such good timing? The story so far is that Moerland was having an unspecified medical episode, crashing into signs as he sped down the median. When some debris hit Stack's arm, she decided to catch a quick video of it.  Apparently neither of them realized they were four seconds away from Sycamore Creek.
It's good to know that Moerland will make a complete recovery and that enjoyment of this video doesn't come at too morbid a cost. Meanwhile, one can't help but feel that if the Vine is watched long enough, one of those times he might actually make the jump.
(As a side note: it's not a good idea to take Vines while driving. Please don't do that.)

Here are stop-motion photos of the accident. Scroll quickly for a flipboard effect.











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