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What Women Want in Bed but Never Say

Since the evolution of humankind, men have been working their brains too hard to understand the fairer sex. Decoding women and their thoughts is, indeed, one of the biggest mysteries of all times. Moreover, when it comes to what women want in bed, the discussion becomes all the more mysterious. So, let us help you guys out there, and tell you about few things that most women want in bed but would never say. Well, maybe they are too shy or they just want you to understand them better. So, read and learn!
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Make her feel special!

Every woman loves to be pampered. Well, if you don't know this, then you definitely need our help. The best thing you can do to her in bed is to make her feel absolutely special. You not only need to pamper her physically but emotionally as well. A woman loves to feel sensuously caressed by her man. When in bed, you should compliment her or do something special for her. You should praise her looks, her nature and the way she makes you feel. So, floor her with your love and care!

Ignite her senses!

After you have done the first good thing with your tongue (saying impressive things about her!), now you need to do the second best thing with it (we are sure you know what we mean!). A whole lot of caressing can give women immense pleasure, be it on her lips or the rest of her body. Foreplay is very important for women. It heightens their pleasure and lifts their senses. Well, if you are going for it then do think beyond the obvious. Shower your attention even at those unexplored areas of her body, like her neck, behind her ears or her ankles.

Play a little rough!

You will be surprised to see this in the list, but yes some women do like their men to be a little dominant in bed, at times. This does not mean that you have to go all the way rough on her. It is best to control your emotions and see how she reacts to it. But, yes, some women do enjoy getting into the rough areas and a little dirty talk to top it up! Also, an occasional change is always good to keep your act between the sheets, fresh and enjoyable.

Time for some role-play!

So, you have watched so many movies with women role-playing as a nurse or a teacher. Do you find these avatar sexy? Well, hold your gasp, so do women! So, do not hesitate to add some extra fun element, while you are in bed with your partner. Be it a role-play or getting absolutely naughty, feel free to explore each other's fantasies. Your lady would love to experiment with her wild fantasies as well. So, just keep your eyes and ears open!

Let her take the reins!

Yes, we said that women would like you to be dominant, but then again who can truly decipher them. Your girl would like to get on the top, as well. She wants to be in charge, of your bed and your body, as well! Give her the chance and she would love to control you and the whole act. And, you might be surprised to see that she does a better job as well!

Talk to her!

So, the act is over and you two are now drained after being engulfed by the throes of passion. This does not mean that now you can go to sleep or get back to your tv or laptop. Nothing would put her off more than your elusive attitude after love making. A woman wants you to talk to her, tell her how good she was, cuddle her and hold her in your arms. Well, if you don’t want to spoil your chances of finding a place in her heart and her bed, then we suggest you start talking!

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