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Yaami Gautam Learns A New Language - Arabic!

19 May 2013
Yaami Gautam Learns A New Language - Arabic!
Yaami Gautam Learns A New Language - Arabic!

Yaami Gautam, who impressed one and all with her performance in the 2012 film Vicky Donor, has been learning a new language. Recently, Yaami was required to shoot for an advertisement in three languages - Tamil, Hindi and Arabic.

Since the actress has worked in a Tamil film, she was comfortable with the language. However, the real challenge for her was to speak in Arabic.

A source says, "Since Yaami has done movies down South, she was familiar with Tamil but Arabic was a completely new language for her. However, it didn't hinder her performance at all. In fact, she was very determined and picked up the lines in Arabic really fast. In the end, she was able to deliver the lines like a pro, and impressed everyone on the sets.''

She will next be seen in Aman Ki Asha.

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