Yamaha RCAR Concept: A Preview of Coming Attractions

From instruments, to motorcycles, to off-road vehicles, Japanese-based multinational company Yamaha has been around for nearly 125 years; we think you might have heard of them. Initially incorporated solely for the development of musical instruments, it wasn’t until the end of WWII did then-president Tomiko Genichi Kawakami look to regroup, and delve into newer realms of possibilities — mostly motorbikes.

Since then, the tri-forked company has come a long way, especially in the automotive world. Working together with Toyota to develop the much-loved 1967 2000GT, in the early 90’s, dipping their hands into the ever-unstable market of supercar manufacturing with their V12 powered OX991 concept, and currently working with automakers such as Lexus on engine development.

yamaha-rcar-by-albert-rosello (1)

But what would it take for Yamaha to head back into the market of supercar manufacturing once again? For one, engineers would have to understand the company’s motorbike and instrumental roots, and be able to transform this symphony of materials into four tires and a steering wheel. But, like we’ve seen before, not anywhere near impossible.

Previewed here in a recent design study by Albert Rosello, the Yamaha RCAR is the perfect blend of technology, performance and looks while maintaining the company’s rich history; what he describes as, “a supercar with a superbike soul.”

yamaha-rcar-by-albert-rosello (2)

What really makes this concept unique -aside from a stunning design- is Albert’s vision of extremely lightweight materials throughout the entire build, leaving the curb weight at a featherlight 1,00kg (2,245lbs), while putting down over 900-hp. This pit’s the Yamaha RCar against rivals such as Bugatti and McLaren.

So, is yet another Yamaha concept a possibility for the Japanese company? We think maybe. But one thing is for certain, if Yamaha does take a liking to the idea of a new concept car, the RCAR is the pinnacle design engineers should look forward to.

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