Yash talks about Thimmappa Raju's complaint!

Actor Yash was accused by producer Thimmappa Raju that he had refused to act in his film, inspite of getting an advance of Rs. 10 lakhs. He demanded the actor to repay the money with an interest of Rs. 36 Lakhs for the loss he faced due to the delay in shoot. Now, Yash states that it was Thimmappa who did not respond to his calls after his film Lucky's failure. He later returned to talk about the projects after consecutive hits of his other films after Lucky. He also said that he explained to the producer that he would work on his flick after completing his current projects and he also added, that he is ready to pay the advance back but he cannot repay the interest as he had not taken any loan from him. Yash has also explained the same to the council members through his letter and also assured to meet them in person to explain what really happened.