YP Singh Accuses The Bachchans Of Investing In Illegal Mall

30 January 2013
YP Singh Accuses The Bachchans Of Investing In Illegal Mall

Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s troubles just don’t seem to end at all! A few days after the Allahabad High Court dismissed a petition against him for ‘derogatory statements about the Koran’, it seems the Big B has fresh challenges to deal with now.


Former IPS officer turned anti-corruption crusader, Y.P. Singh recently alleged in a press conference that the Bachchans have invested in a mall, which is being constructed in violations of BMC regulations. Singh’s contention is that the family might have lent money to a real estate firm to construct the mall and that they should take back their money from the project.


Wonder if the Shahenshah will  take to Twitter to clear the air soon…

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