YRF's DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE is the best film in hundred years of Hindi Cinema

glamsham.com editorial
13 May 2013

By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial

Yash Chopra indeed would be quite pleased, and so would be son Aditya Chopra that their magnum opus DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE has emerged as the best film during the last hundred years of the history of Hindi cinema. DDLJ was accorded this status after an online voting conducted in England by the most popular newspaper among the Diaspora View. The voting was conducted through the popular social networking sites and through the movie portals. DDLJ garnered 47% of the total votes polled and emerged as the numero uno film.

A film that was released in 1995 and continues to maintain the popularity among the fans all over the globe is primarily owing to the reason that it is made from the perspective of the trials and tribulations of the Diaspora, it is a vivid statement about their yearning while trying to eke out their living in the foreign countries, it is a signature statement about the yearn for the motherland, and above all it has romance that meets its logical culmination in the motherland after proliferating in locations around the world, from England, to Switzerland and different parts of European countries.

USP of DDLJ also lay in the fact that it did not hark back upon the current generation to come back to the motherland, rather it weaved a miasma of nostalgia around the first generation migrants who owing to the relative economic status did not had the luxury to come back home as frequently as their offspring could now after they had made success of themselves.

Yash Chopra and Aditya Chopra through DDLJ drove home the point succinctly that one should not forget the motherland but continue to scale new frontiers of success in the adapted motherland. The underpinning of the film also lay in the fact that a Punjabi father, steeped in tradition, could rise up to the occasion to ask her daughter to go and live her life with her lover against the wishes of the family and it subtly underlined the fact that Diaspora indeed was coming of age. The existentialist dilemma of the parents who wanted to get their daughters married in the native 'pind' (the village) was brought out in stark relief and subtly Uday Chopra pointed out that perhaps Diaspora should start looking for suitable matches within the community in the Diaspora itself. This being suggest 18 years ago, was a monumental achievement and therefore there would not be much debate about DDLJ being accorded such an exalted status.

This would indeed be the ultimate tribute to the memory of the master of romance, Yash Chopra and for the present century it indeed would emerge as reference point for the YRF banner to create another landmark for this century as well.

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