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2013 Men's Fashion Trends

1. Don’t Look Beyond The Two-Button Suits:
Your safest bet when wearing a suit is a two-button. And when you accompany it with gray or black color, you will really have to try hard with other accessories to go wrong. Wear such a suit anywhere, for almost any occasion. The tone of the colour should be subtle, not too dark and not too faded.

2013 Men's Fashion Trends

6 March 2013

Is your 2013 resolution was to look as dapper and suave as Saif Ali Khan, and cool as Ranveer Singh? Looking at style icons, and sighing away to misery will be a thing of the past, if you follow these 10 rules below.
If you start with these, we will make sure you finish well too. It is 2013, make sure you keep up with the fashion, rather than catch up with it.

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