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5 quick steps to your little black dress


No bikini look would be complete without a pair of perfect pins. If you want to shape your legs to perfection there are a number of quick exercises you can do.

One of the best ways to tone your legs and get in a dose of cardio at the same time is to skip. Just a few minutes of skipping a day will help you boost your fitness levels, whilst also shaping up your legs. Skipping can be hard work so pop on your favourite, upbeat song whilst you workout and try to skip to the end of the song without stopping – this is a great way to wake up.

As well as skipping you can do a whole range of different squat moves. The jumping squat is particularly good. To do a jump squat you simply squat as normal and then when you rise up, you lift your leg out to the side until it is about level with your hip and kick out, keeping your leg straight. Then return to the squat position and repeat. Other exercises that will only take you a few minutes to do are lunges, leg raises and deadlifts.

Top Tip: Perfect your squat technique before you try doing any squats. Your technique is key to getting these exercises right.

5 tips to get bikini-ready for summer

22 April 2013

If you’ve been longing to slip into a little summer dress and feel confident and sexy when you do so, check out our 5 quick steps that will help you tone, sculpt and banish unwanted bulges.

Our top tips will reveal quick exercises you can do regularly so that you can transform your body without having to spend hours working out.

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