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7 Diet Myths that Make You Fat

Myth 1: Carbohydrates add layers of fat
Some carbohydrates have high fibres that are responsible for giving your body the much-needed boost to work efficiently all day long. The secret is to offer your body with the necessary carbs and yet restrain yourself from piling up those extra pounds. Remember that cutting drastically on your carbohydrate intake will only lower your energy levels and will lead to digestive problems. It is best to go for, what many dieticians call, the ‘good carbs’, such as whole wheat pasta, oats, brown bread and brown rice, beans, apple, etc.

7 Diet Myths that are Making You Fat

4 June 2013

Been trying everything, and nothing seems to work? Let's take a closer a look at what's good advice and what's a myth - taking you away from your goal instead of closer to it.

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