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Beautiful hands

Be gentle

For soft and beautiful hands, one need not spend thousands on manicures. A little care and protection is all that calls for its daily care. While washing, choose a mild soap or liquid to cleanse your hands. Slather a gentle moisturising cream or Vaseline to replenish the lost moisture every time you wash your hand or before going to bed.

9 Tips for Soft, Beautiful Hands

29 April 2013

The most used part of the body, yet most neglected are our hands. They do so much for us, but we still take them for granted. In addition to the harsh weather, pollutants, we subject them to much more harassment than any other part of the body. Be it while washing clothes, dishing utensils or cleaning or working hard, they are constantly being roughed up by harsh detergents or chemicals.

Perhaps, the most precious gift for giving is being treated with negligence and we are unaware of it. However, it is time to take cues from the remedies listed below and extend our gratitude to them.

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