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A 5-point investment strategy for now

1.      Don’t panic To begin with, it will certainly help investors’ cause to not hit the panic button and make knee-jerk investment decisions. Dealing with volatility and uncertainty are integral aspects of market-linked investing. This is neither the first occasion that investors have been faced with a challenging environment, nor will it be the last. Investors must accept that market-linked investments entail taking on both--the risk of uncertain returns and losing the capital invested. For instance, debt funds haven’t suddenly become risky avenues as is being widely perceived; market conditions have simply brought to the fore risks that have always existed. Then again, market-linked investments also have the potential to deliver lucrative returns. And at present, that clichéd adage about opportunity presenting itself in times of adversity is about as relevant as it can be. The present market environment has thrown up opportunities to invest in several avenues at attractive prices. If you are a long-term investor, you should be busy evaluating investment opportunities rather than panicking.

A 5-point investment strategy for now

30 July 2013

To say that these are testing times for investors would be stating the obvious. On a year-to-date basis, equity markets have been at their volatile best. In the recent past, the central bank’s attempts to bolster the rupee have ended up spooking debt markets. And to further worsen matters, the long-favoured bastion of investors – gold, has lost some of its sheen. We present a 5-point checklist of dos and don’ts to help investors ride out the seemingly-dire environment.

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