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The measurements for the average woman, depicted at left, are 64.29" in height, a 33.62" waist, 14.09" upper arm length, 14.45" upper leg length, 20" head circumference, and a 15" neck circumference.

Barbie vs. Real Women: Artist Shows Shocking Differences

3 May 2013

Lucky for us, Pittsburgh-based illustrator Nickolay Lamm has focused his attention to Barbie once again. He recently turned his artistically critical eye on the 54-year-old icon's makeup, stripping down her face with much more grace than another recent effort. Now Lamm, also a blogger for MyVoucherCodes.co.uk, is going after Barbie's oft-criticized physique. In order for an average woman to look like Barbie, she would have to grow two feet taller, extend her neck length by 3.2 inches, gain five inches in bust size, and lose six inches in waist circumference, according to data from the Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders, cited by the recent Rehabs.com feature "Dying to be Barbie." Lamm has highlighted the discrepancies by comparing Barbie's body side-by-side to the mockup of a realistic version, based on CDC measurements of the average American 19-year-old. Now if only the CDC could make a doll.…
By Beth Greenfield, Shine Staff
Text - Shine.com

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